Home Servers The digital home also has created a new type of product, which is often referred to as a NAS media server. At the same time, those technologies will allow the flexible storing, sharing, and playback of content throughout the home. The home server is targeted to the Mentor Graphics www. Hung is the Product Marketing Manager for the consumer- electronics market in the embedded- systems division of Mentor Graphics. Healthcare Trends Drive Design Requirements A published author and contributor to several standards initiatives, Schmitt graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA degree.

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This flexibility creates opportunities for product differentiation. Security in the Connected Car In addition to storing digital-media content, users can store their tax returns, e-mail, spreadsheets, and other documents.

Clearly, a network interface needs to be chosen and supported as well. The result will be robust digital-entertainment environments.

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As a result, consumers can receive digital entertainment conveniently, comfortably, and securely throughout their homes. If 3124 block can be recovered, the original data can be brought back in synch. The Mentor Graphics driver supports the advanced features of this controller.

It allows access to that catalog for searching and browsing.


Yet this emerging market opportunity poses various challenges for device manufacturers and software vendors. At the same time, those technologies will allow the flexible storing, sharing, and playback of content throughout the home. These solutions are destined to become successful and pervasive in the next era of consumer applications.

Intel 31244 PCI-X Computer Drive User Manual

Introducing the Intel Compute Card. But in the digital home, the sheer volume of valuable content is significant.

The Nucleus RTOS platform supports home-server and networking applications with its reliability, high performance, wide range of supported devices, protected design, and security features. The connected digital home is a new, evolving consumer market segment in the electronics space.

Digital-Media-Server Technologies In the digital-home architecture, a digital media server stores and catalogs digital content. The reliability of the storage subsystem also is a design concern. The underlying protocols and technologies imtel the digital home will provide new functions and advanced features that will change the way people interact with devices throughout the future.

Intel PCI-X to Serial ATA (PV N) | FreeNAS Community

Making it Easier to Make the Right Decisions Here, data is mirrored on a separate disk. Developers face challenges in digital rights management, network bandwidth, content storage, interoperability, dynamically changing environments, and distributed control.


Top 5 Use Cases. NTFS is a licensed format of Microsoft. A loss of this content would be disruptive. The digital home is the first step in an emerging device revolution in which devices cooperate and applications are distributed throughout the home.

IntelĀ® PCI-X to Serial ATA Controller – Electronic Products

Networking Technologies The connected home depends on the ubiquitous deployment of wireless and wired home networks. These 10 drives can be arranged into two five-drive RAID5 stripes. Embedded devices are quickly becoming faster, cheaper, and capable of integrating more peripheral functions. Data backup in the home is typically rare.

In addition, it serves up the content to digital media players on demand. Inthere were Subscribe to our Monthly Reports.

Download the latest issue of the EIS Digital Edition and subscribe to receive future issues and the email newsletter. The simplest and most common of these strategies is RAID 1.