ID Card Printer Ribbons. Aug 07, by Jackson Grimm. Overview Detailed Specs Reviews Small footprint to fit in tight places. Nov 07, by Yan Mu. Card Reader Cleaning Cards Page: A t tachments 0 Page History.

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Labels tool minimagii securemag securehead easymag kb-download kb-file tecg valuemag kb-tool minimagduo versakey other magswipe-configuration-utility Preview. Created by Gavin Meanslast modified on Oct 29, Labels usbhid opos driver securemag securehead sm mmii sh oposdriver secured valuemag kb-download minimagii other Preview.


Complete ID Card Systems. A response of 2 beeps indicates an error, if the reader beeps twice; please re-type the code correctly to ensure a good response signal before proceeding to type the next code. Was this review helpful? Best Value We work hard to deliver a solution that fits your budget. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars.

Phone for fastest response. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. How a Magnetic Card Reader Works.

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Plug and Play Reads Any Card.

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For keyboard wedge reader Model IDTxx or WCRxxQtype following code in Notepad and press the Enter key, if the code is being accepted by the reader, it should sounds one beep. Please refer to General FAQ section for help on identify the reader that you have by Model Please ivmb the reader that you have is the correct model first, then follow the instruction for above FAQ 3 to verify the card reader’s default output by swiping a Pre-Cash card or Credit Card and check the output in Notepad.

Card Reader Cleaning Cards Page: Labels usbcdc driver minimagii kb-download securemag securehead spectrumiiihybrid spectrumiiihybridinsert other securemoir spectrumiihybrid spectrumiii spectrumii Preview. How to parse TLVs?

For GSA ordering assistance, call Microsoft Word Document How to configure card reader with a configure file provided. Recommended Accessories for Model: Dec 20, by Jenny Ouyang.

Support – ID TECH

Recommended Accessories for Model: How to Send Configure file-Brief version? Correct the connection problem as needed and then try re-programming the reader again.

Please refer to the General FAQ section for details on how to identify the card reader by its model. Jan 19, by Jason Chiu. Alternatively, you can look at the cable connector type to identify them briefly:.


You can purchase cleaning odmb from a variety of supplier to clean the magnetic head in the slot. The mounting screw size is M3x5.

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The reader also includes language options to ensure that the correct data is sent to the terminal. ID Card Printer Ribbons. If the reader is functioning correctly, please contact the application software side for support. Following are some things need to be noted:. The ID Tech MiniMag Duo features all the benefits of the industry-leading MiniMag but with the added convenience of a second stripe reader, ensuring a successful read no matter the card’s orientation.

Please review the guide.