Dark Mantis 10typesofpeopleoneswhoknow binaryandoneswhodont. It won’t solve the problem but it will make you feel better. The DVI connection worked. Does the monitor’s LED turn green when the computer is started up? The neighbors have laptops and run of the mill Dell’s. May 16, , Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:

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Home Help Login Register. Thanks for the reply. Have you got the extra ATX 12v cables attached to the header on the motherboard?

June 06, Newegg is awesome and I wish I had been able to order from them. Yes, that would be ideal if you could test another card in this system, even and older PCI card would work. If the on-board graphics are working OK the first thing to do is check that you are running the latest BIOS, if you are not, update using the QFlash utility and see if that helps.

GA-M68M-S2P: PCIe video not working

Hi again, sorry to see that the new power supply hasn’t solved the problem. Released on 31 Mayga-m68m-d2p Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P is now over 8 years oldwhich means it is extremely out of date and is based on very aged technologies.


Thanks for the continued help. I don’t generally name names on forums when I have bad things to say about the places unless it’s a complaint forum.

Home Help Login Register. All BIOS settings are default. Post screen came up and the after windows had started the VGA connection worked but all I got was the wallpaper.

PCIe video not working. The PCIe slot still does not work. I do not have an extra card gigsbyte around that can be used for testing. The DVI connection worked.

Graphics card not working with GA-M68M-S2P Rev 2.3

If it is not the FC version it might be worthwhile updating to it, just to see if that helps. A suggestion from another forum was to try a new power supply to see if it helps even though I am drawing less power then my PSU can supply.

I ordered a Rosewill RGS12 w ps and it will be here in about a week. Dark Mantis on June 03, Please gigabyfe all spam threads, posts and gigagyte members. I got the new w PSU today and installed it in the new system.


The PCIe slot still does not work. You can do that here: Restarted the computer and the VGA connection once again never came on.

GA-M68M-S2P (rev. ) | Placas-mãe – GIGABYTE Brazil

Obviously that isn’t the problem then. June 03, There are 1 PCIe x16 slots on this motherboard. Dark Mantis on June 06, It won’t solve the problem but it will make you feel better.

PCIe video not working Newegg didn’t have a board that I would be able to use with the older hardware I had, so I ordered from another place Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help!

Right found my other card. At this point I am assuming it will be an RMA.