Originally posted by tijuana ASIO is much better ’cause of 1 reason: The differences are there and real on my system however. The first problem is not directly solvable as it is part of the binary specification of the API so a workaround must be used. Can’t say anything yet – August 24, by Srini Kasturi. I use it with asio4all, which I installed before using this plugin, as the plugin would not work with my casiop driver.

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Did you try searching? For I’m still having trouble distinguishing the difference between dll version and the exe version. What a time hole.

Jun 23, at Is there a difference in sound quality between ASIO and kernal streaming? What is the optimum output format setting 24bits int32bits int32bits floator 64bits float for a X-Fi?

Jun 23, at 7: You must log in or sign up to winaml here.

Multidevice ASIO output plugin for WinAMP

In general, ASIO drivers are not capable of handling two applications at the same time. Find More Posts by sullysnet. I think, from reading others reviews, that this plug is oriented for ASIO level hardware really. What should I all the settings be set to?

Download free ASIO Plugins for Winamp

Post 14 of Can’t say anything yet – August 24, by Srini Kasturi. Find More Posts by bluedakota. Give me my this.


Find More Posts by Sawg. I tried awio test and prove that the two poles are not the only available approaches and that code that is both efficient AND follows modern design patterns and idioms, or in other words, that is relatively easy to read and handle for both the developer AND the hardware, is actually possible.

Winamp Asio Support | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Hope you solved this problem quite well and I will enjoy normal asio output in the accustomed aasio. Currently, a quick workaround has been added to the CanWrite callback that does not allow any further writing if written data is more than 50 ms ahead of played data which keeps the written time and output time values close enough so visualization is smooth again. Great Idea – This is a very nice plugin, I use an M-audio Firewire and this works just great, for listening to quality trance tunes.

As in all audio applications, the intermediate buffer of course needs to be a circular buffer. Jun 22, at 4: Jun 24, at Find More Posts by tijuana.

I have a SB Live! Because the Microsoft Macro Assembler has a bug in its command line parsing, i. Did you enable the Hard limiter? Only later in the development did the idea of thunks come to my attention and this will probably be the solution that will be implemented and used in the next release as it seems both simpler to use and more efficient maybe not so compared to a native TLS implementation but unfortunately native TLS cannot be used anyway on pre-Vista Windows in DLL projects like this one.


ReplayGain will make sure that all the songs play back at the same loudness, thus freeing you from changing the volume for different songs which had been mastered at different levels.

Then, when I’ve pressed the stop button, Winamp has hanged forever so I had to terminate it manually. Find More Posts by Rachid. Find More Posts by gaekwad2.

Any ideas how to fix this as otherwise i’ll have to go back to direct sound which would be a killer after hearing how good the ASIO sound is? The problem of multiple readers is modelled with a MultiChannelBuffer:: Find More Posts by sonnysavage. Thanks for your help!