The release date of the drivers: This is because section5 is no certified Debian Distributor. Standalone means, that there is no operating system running, the executables run in supervisor mode and have access to the hardware. The source can be found at http: This can be found as a self installing executable in the download area of the Blackfin GNU toolchain at http: If the file is parsed successfully, the Info pane in the lower half of the window will display the BSDL file information as shown in Fig.

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Now you can poke around on the target. Note that only very basic functionality is implemented, the files need to be created on the target before they can be accessed.

Normally, you should only need to use clock wait cycles from 0 to 4 possibly higher values with ICEbearPlus. For debugging Core B while not touching the system on Core A, we describe a possible way here. A value of 0 means maximum speed, iccebear fact, the value plus one is used as a divider to the system clock frequency. The pinout is displayed mirrored, i. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly and follow the Application Notes to get a feeling for the behaviour of the debugger.


This script defines a few commands, making things easier. If you are installing the source package, you will have to compile and install each software separately.

Icebear Jtag Adapter Driver Download

See tools description in Chapter 2. Additional functionality can be provided on request. If you run a program without debugging information, there is no source code or disassembly display available. You will then have to reset the system.

You can then use these register definitions for example in a Watch window see below in Section 2. Either try finding the differences from a working BSDL file, or send us a request.

Icebear Jtag Adapter Driver Download

The current location of the program counter is marked by a green bar. Therefore, be very careful: Note that this way of stepping is a source code related stepping. For compiling the uClinux kernel, a Linux development PC is required. Start gdbproxy, verify that the TCP server is reported running on port or defined via the auxport option. Types not appearing here may be supported by special releases. Note that you may have to add other Debian mirrors to sources.

ICEbear User Manual

For convenience, you can step into or step over using the si and ni command on the console. If the ICEbear neither works under Windows, a hardware error has to be assumed – please consult us before returning the ICEbear for check-up. After downloading and installing Icebear Jtag Adapter, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: This is done by the command sequence bfin-jtag-gdb monitor reset bfin-jtag-gdb load blink.


This provides the graphical debugger described in Section 2.

While Insight appears nicer with its GUI, you might find yourself being faster with the command line version when debugging a simple standalone executable. List of bfloader command options 2. The default speed value is 0. Also, you may have to check the core voltage and PLL settings.

For beginners, it is recommended that you start with Insight. Please contact us first for an RMA return to manufacturer authorizationor your delivery may be returned.

If you can wait, it helps to be patient. Customer is responsible for backing up its programs and data to protect against loss or corruption.

To support alien devices, a INI file with parameters must be specified to gdbproxy or using the –config option.