There have also been direct dashes between Vietnamese and Thai for- ces. Already planned aboard the next flight ‘is a p experiment to determine the effect of zero gravity on crystal growth. What the phenomenon failed to tell them was that they were in an atmosphere enriched by oxygen which had been leaking from a hose for several hours. Anyone willing to bet that the new Toshiba commercials won’t win umpteen awards should contact me immediately. Gas will be pumped ield in the summer, and stored needed. Services stockbrokers use, like Extel Pric eline and Datastream.

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The categorical nature of dm doc- ument raises doubts, about its ac- ceptability by Mr Arthur Scargfll. Only two weeks ago, Toyota, a notoriously secretive concern, had flatly denied Japanese press reports that h was increasing its capital investment programme this year dcd thb Ybn level.

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He regards all his characters — and his cast, led by Marita Bretier, is a vibrant exemplary troupe, part amateur, each one of whom im- presses. Wardlev Cyprus Limited, backed by the substantial resources of the Hongkong Bank Group, can provide their clients with expert coverage on an international basis.

Two rounds of talks have failed to bring Government and guerrillas any closer on mhslHTtl Tf instead highlighting the hostility of the far right -and the army, and 1LS, coolness towards the talks. The study should be concluded a few weeks, 0 according to Mr Ayishai Amir, spokesman for the Ministry of Energy.


The DPP then was fully aware of all the anomalies in his own position as well as that of the Attorney- General. They explain that; hi a very competitive market it was not posable to recover in selling prices, the large.


IHiMasH Mjyamoto, the 17th century swordsman whose pfafloaophy and v fighting ‘ tedinlquas set out m his Book “of Free Bings are ‘said to be tbe basis for Japanese modern busi.

Application has been made for the Notes, in bearer form in the denomination of U. Under Sig Prodvtoe old mat tat0 lt the end it Wat sold agement vms cleared out, and a for Li3bn,part ot-It.

The proposal, which revives a plan previously put forward by the Warsaw Pact in The reat of the earnings, will be invested. Of those serving on the council 18 are drawn from the market, eight from the outside membership.

5823b ‘ Raid waa regional sales manager. There has been an upsurge of guerrilla attacks on the Israeli occu- pation forces this month. China has recently threatened to teach Vietnam a “second lesson,” a reference to their first border war in when Vietnamese forces were close to imnihfliating the Khmpr Rouge.

Power play There may be. The company 8532b the factors which affect the pro- cess but how they work together varies with every kiln.

I do not fear chaos or a fall in morale.

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By subsection 1 the oeedfogs which were desuutoble, if fee declaration is refus ed. Short-cut the Learning curve – benefits of energy and process integration techniques arc Immediately available and do not involve lengthy learning and Implementation periods.

No vote is required among members. Mr Naka- sone, who has appeared, to the outside world. The budget deficit is likely to be financed from official reserves, currently estimated at no more than Sl. And Fish, who replaced the ebullient Sir Hermann Bondi as chairman of the Natural Environmental Research Coun- cil, was hand-picked to m a n age a cut in Government funds so great that It means shedding, more than a quarter of his staff by What this programme could quite easily have done was show us the arguments among the jury leading to the ” not guilty ” verdict; after all.


Most authorities, facing ratepayer pressure, and overall financial constraints already have an incentive to achieve greater value for money, but. Military sales account for about a third of its turn- over. The logical case for state provision may be unassailable but a question remains: The Ceatretor Defence In- formation, am. But the executive is as much concerned with preventing accidents recurring as it is whh enforcing the law and prosecut- ing for breaches of it The consequences of the HMS Glasgow fire are still having an impact on the shipbuilding industry today.

Make your next business trip to the USA one you can enjoy too. Mr Kokeyev dismissed sug- gestions that the proposals were prompted by the resump- tion of talks between the VJS.

It is being considered as part of a move to attract the best possi- ble financial arrangements dfr pro- grammes for TDF-1, which will play a landmark role in sha ping Euro- pean attitudes over satellite broad- casting. If an underground cmwpntwr detects movement. We are the largest financial institution in Houston, the hugest atyinTexas.