The second one applies to delivering a single unified view of the company situation. Wed Apr 30, 5: Of course, it then needs a way to refresh that cached data, either simplistic every N minutes , or when the underlying data is updated, which is much more complex. Either they “sell” the idea of Data Warehousing and proper ETL — and try to sell BO Data Integrator — or the sales rep has to trash the idea of a data warehouse and try to sell you Federator. Are you able to forward my original message to the DI forum as a BOB power user or do I need to re-post this message in the forum again myself?

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Wed Apr 30, 6: May 22, 3 minute read.

It’s not clear to me that Federator does any data caching. This blog entry is co-authored by Mike Ferguson and William McKnight link and is being cross-posted on our blogs. Wed Apr 30, Browse the history of executed queries. Create the business layer…. Model driven federated query EII vendors 2. Thank to increased agility and speed, answering each query lasts significantly shorter than before.

And last but not the least, Data Federator solution provides data lineage and impact analysis and what it results in is increased users’ confidence. Feserator you able to forward my original message to the DI forum as a BOB power user or do I need to re-post this message in the forum again myself?


Simultaneously, data federation is responsible for generating real time views on demand. I think that data caching might not be a problem given the volatility of the data concerned in several of the reporting areas.

Data Federation Administration Tool (DFAT): What it is, How it works, When to use it | SAP Blogs

Most of them collect outrageous volumes of it, considering every little piece of information potentially useful in a future. Additionally, there is everything what one could consider useful to know about the solution – business challenges it aspires to satisfy, features and capabilities, and use cases feferator with a quick summary of facts. Thu May 01, 5: Be the first to leave a comment. It is also the case that several ETL data integration vendors have extended their data integration tools to support EII.

If you would like more information on data federation please see this article on how it works.

Bo Data Federator competitors

To my knowledge, this product hasn’t really taken off. Wed Mar 31, 4: Right-click a connector in the tree list, then click Create fererator. I can’t believe that Federator is that much of a specialist area and it has also been around for a few years.


Display posts from previous: Federwtor, I would not know. During Data Federator software preparation, a lot of attention has been paid to its speed and flexibility.

Occaisionally, a few power users will want to integtrate locally held data as a final ‘step’. I say unfortunalely, fdeerator they are nearly all looking at Microsoft and their much cheaper, more familiar feeling BI ‘offerings’.

Tue Aug 02, With the Data Federation Administration Tool, you can browse and manage connectors, browse data sources and run queries against them, manage statistics, and view the lists of past queries and running queries.

Dwayne Hoffpauir Forum Groupie Joined: Thank to these features, Data Federator meets the today’s business requirements. Note that we are not talking about virtual data warehouses — on the contrary, data federation software rapidly integrates historical DW data with other data sources operational data, internet feeds etc.

Since the use case for Data Federator is probably to go against source systems and not a data warehouseyou get the benefit of real-time reporting. Besides the access to the information from multiple sources, Data Federator facilitates introducing new sources.